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Friday, 8 June 2012

Covent Garden Flats for rent

As one of the most bustling areas in central London, it is the quirky nature of WC2 that makes Covent Garden flats for rent a great price and the market for buying in the area increasingly buoyant. The area has many attractions, from restaurants to bars to street entertainment and luxury spas, making it a fantastic spot for families, couples or those on their own.

Covent Garden is most definitely one of the more affordable districts for high end property hunters, as people begin to realise this it has meant that demand for flats for rent in Covent Garden is beginning to increase. The area is constantly working on regeneration and redevelopment following the success of its neighbour Regent Street's revival.

The property market in relation to houses in Covent Garden is extremely dynamic with interest coming from international property investors as well as British based investors. This year has seen the area continue to go from strength to strength and future redevelopments are already in the planning stages.

Covent Garden flats for rent are increasingly being seen as an affordable alternative to buying in the traditional investor hot spots of Mayfair and Belgravia. Studios are priced from around lb300,000, two-bedroom apartments from lb650,000 right up to lb2.5m. Houses can sell for anything up to lb8.5m.

A recent addition to the area has meant that prices are due to rise again soon. Facebook is moving to larger offices in Covent Garden in a bid to expand its UK foothold. The social networking firm will rent out 36,000 square feet of space across three floors of a listed building in the quirky London area to accommodate for its 70 staff members.

The UK operation has been based in a small office near Carnaby Street for the last four years and will move to the new space in January 2012. With one of the most important websites in the world moving their operations to the area flats for rent in Covent Garden are expected to rise rapidly in price so it advised to make a move sooner rather than later.

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