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Friday, 8 June 2012

Residential Flats in Fitzrovia

Fitzrovia, a neighbourhood of London, is known for its bohemian residents and artistic atmosphere. The historic public house, Fitzroy Tavern is where the name Fitzrovia derived from. Many famous painters and authors have often lived in Fitzrovia, as well as George Bernard Shaw. This community hosts a variety of family homes and flats for rent in Fitzrovia attract renters from all walks of life. Educational institutes and business also make up the population of this West End area of London. The area is considered highly affluent, but many people from lower to upper class live and work in Fitzrovia, which is also known for being home to many writers and artists.

Since the 1920s, Fitzrovia has attracted the artistic personality by the groves. Other than Shaw, Virginia Woolf, an author, and other artists and writers that have called this bohemia neighbourhood home include Whister, famous for the portrait of his mother, Edmund Burke and Thomas Paine, author of Rights of Man. Currently many celebrities have called Fitzrovia home, such as Quentin Crisp. Author Ian McEwan calls Fitzrovia home for part of the year and even set his novel Saturday in the midst of this small town. The French poet Arthur Rimbaud lived in Fitzrovia before dying at an early age from cancer. M. J. Tambimuttu is supposedly the man that first called the community after the Fitzroy Tavern.

The Fitzroy family was a very prominent family of Fitzrovia. The owner of the Tavern also named the square and several streets after members of his family. His grandfather was the 2nd Duke of Grafton, and that is where Grafton Way got its name. Cavendish Street, Oxford and Mortimer Streets and Harley Street, all named after titled landowners of the Harley family is one reason the pathways and roads in the area are crooked, short and slightly off beat.

Many investors are finding Fitzrovia a great place to buy to let property. Middlesex Hospital, now demolished, is the home of a rich development of flats for rent in Fitzrovia. Education and institutes for learning are a major part of the community. Living and renting in Fitzrovia makes transportation into the bigger city of London easy and quick. Fitzrovia flats for rent include flats that are typical studios, or apartments with one to three bedrooms. These flats offer the tenant a home close to schools, businesses and playful places to make life easy and enjoyable. For a short stay in the area, flats can be rented for lb121 nightly.

The historical street of Tottenham is mentioned in many pieces of literature, including Virginia Woolf's Mrs Dalloway, and more recently, J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. It is mentioned in George Bernard Shaw's Pygmalion's musical score in My Fair Lady. The Fitzrovia flats for rent on Tottenham overlook the UFO Club, where performers like Boy George and Pink Floyd made music and entertainment. Boy George has also lived in Fitzrovia, before his days of fame. Shaw and Woolf lived on Fitzroy Square at number 29, but at different times in the twentieth century.

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