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Sunday, 10 June 2012

White Woodgrain Sash Windows: Cheap Alternative to Sash Wood Frames

A good substitute for wooden window frames homeowners are finding both attractive and pocket friendly are the white woodgrain sash windows. These windows have the elegant look of wood and can easily pass as wooden frames at first glance. Not only are they attractive, white woodgrain sash windows are made from uPVC which is both strong and resistant to nature's elements. Considering their quality and stunning looks, these windows aren't as expensive as their wooden counterparts. Installing them ensures that a homeowner doesn't have to worry about high maintenance costs for their window frames. It also means that homeowners no longer have to worry about constant checking of their window frames to ensure that they aren't warping from intense heat or rotting from high moisture content.

It doesn't matter if the house design is modern or traditional. White woodgrain sash windows work with almost any type of house design. Homeowners with houses which have old designs which would normally go along with wooden frames can effectively use these windows. UPVC windows are manufactured such that they have the look and feel of finished wooden frames making them great additions for traditional homes. Apart from their aesthetic look, these window frames are designed according to the energy compliance standards. UPVC is strong making these window frames strong and safe for use in houses. In addition, it is relatively wear resistant meaning that the window frames will last a long period of time without being affected by harsh weather conditions.

Installation of uPVC windows is easy. The frames come measured to fit and this makes installation even easier. The strong uPVC frame reduces chances of breakage during installation. Homeowners don't have to invest in expensive scaffolding and other supplies. Depending on the number of windows to be installed, you won't have to hire an army of professional window fitters to do the job. Cost of installation is therefore not expensive. Cleaning the glass and white woodgrain sash frame is also simple. The frames are designed in such as way that they can turn inwards allowing homeowners to clean them while still inside the house. If the windows are installed in several floors, the homeowner doesn't need to use ladders to clean or maintain them.

Many homeowners avoid buying uPVC window frames out of fear that they will cost as much as the wooden sash window frames. However, uPVC frames cost much less than the wooden sash frames. This comes as a surprise for many homeowners since these frames look like the authentic sash frame. The frames are made to fit your window spaces. Another advantage homeowners find with these frames is their resemblance to wooden sash frames. Installing them in their houses gives their properties an authentic look.

Although we can go on giving you the benefits of these frames, the list can go on and on. But nothing can be better than seeing the real thing. Contact us for your sample and consultation about these amazing window frames.

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