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Thursday, 14 June 2012

Why choose vertical slider widows

Vertical slider windows are a great substitute for the more conventional box sash windows but on top of this they have a wide range of further benefits that make them an excellent option for brand new houses as well as old or Victorian property. Once you have chosen what style of window you would like you need to find someone to fit them for you. It is advisable to begin your search in the surrounding areas of your home so you can easily set up an appointment; for example if you live in London try your local borough such as Kent or Greenwich.

The more traditional sash windows that were used several years ago were usually only available in a limited number of colours such as white or pine. However, modern vertical slider windows have many colours to choose from including Light oak and Rosewood, white wood grain foiled finish and cream wood grain foiled finish.

As well as updating the colour scheme, the internal workings of a sash widow have also been updated. The old style windows had two to open, either a single hung or a double hung. One of the big problems with the single hung sash window design was that it could only ever have one panel manipulated; only allowing for minimal ventilation. Most single hung windows can only move the lower pane however, the vertical slider style can be rotated at an angle so as to improve ventilation and enable cleaning access.

The second option (double hung) moves both halves of the window independently. Utilising the pulley-and-weight-balance system, these designs allowed a high level of passing air to take place because naturally the hot air travels through the top gap and the cold is drawn inward through the bottom opening.

In comparison to the above examples the new vertical slider windows have a futuristic build in order to make them easy to use and longer lasting. In place of the weights and pulleys system is now a refined spiral balances system, and a unique tilt feature to enable cleaning of sashes easily.

On the whole, vertical slider windows are made of UPVC meaning that they are low maintenance and provide a cost effective option. Their adaptable look means that they can be used in many different styles of property being that they can provide an authentic sash window finish or a contemporary modern look. The major draw with box sash windows is their inexpensive price tag.

Vertical slider windows are increasingly popular because they are so easy to install and equally simple to maintain, removing additional scaffolding costs from installation.

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