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Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Discover Kingston Upon Thames, A Popular Suburb of London

London is filled with a number of wonderful places, with Kingston upon Thames being one of the most popular suburbs This borough is filled with a vast and rich history. Despite its regal past, it is now a modern metropolis that attracts people of no set age. 

In the last 100 years, Kingston has built a reputation for its quality manufacturing industry which builds aircraft used in the military. One of the most famous that was produced in this area was the Harrier Jump Jet. In recent times, the location has drawn wonderful shopping opportunities and pubs that are well stocked with great ale.

The local inhabitants are quite varied in background and consist of both fast paced city lovers and slow, calm country lovers. It is most common to see a younger population around the area due to the new development of Kingston University.

Kingston offers just about everything a person could want. For individuals who like the active life or those who are more relaxed, the social scene created by the locals mixes all kinds of people and tastes.

Individuals who follow sports have many options in this borough. The Kingston Rugby Club and AFC Wimbledon are two of the newest additions in the suburb along with other amateur clubs that people can find activities to partake in. 

Some people may be concerned that Kingston upon Thames is situated far from London's centre. Even though it may not be the closest suburb, the location has wonderful transportation that connects the two places with multiple railway stations, so the city is merely a small trip away.

To unwind in the evening, people living in Kingston have numerous entertainment opportunities. There are theatres that offer fine shows, restaurants that serve tasty meals, and a variety of art exhibitions. Free time can be used to enjoy the natural beauty that remains from the royal legacy. Richmond Park and Bushy Park are two of the most popular locations that are quite close. Further away is Hampton Court and Kew Gardens.

People who enjoy shopping have a number of choices to pick from. There are different shopping centres that include popular High Street names along with independent outlets that offer specialities and unique items. The Griffin Passage and Ram Passage are two places with great views where these smaller shops can be found. 

For people who love to purchase fresh produce instead of conventional supermarket products, the Original Kingston Triangular Medieval Market will be the place to go. Here is a traditional marketplace that sells locally grown vegetables and fruit as well as fresh fish from around the region.

Anyone that is searching in Kingston upon Thames for property will uncover a vast amount of buildings that are up for rent or sale. There are Edwardian and Victorian houses, '30s conversion units, developments along the river, or new flats that are filled with luxury accommodations. No matter a person's taste, there will be somewhere that feels like home.

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