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Thursday, 12 July 2012

How To Sell Your Home: Do It Yourself / Estate Agents

When selling your home you have two options:

Doing it alone or being represented by an estate agent.

Doing It Alone Benefits

  • Set a price you feel your house deserves
If you feel an estate agent has undervalued your house, then you are still able to decide what price you want to sell it for.

  • Organise viewings to fit with your schedule
Gives you more controls on viewings rather than suiting Estate Agents.

  • No estate agent commission
You get to keep all the money you make from selling your house.

Doing It Alone Restrictions

  • Advertising
You will have to do your own advertising to get as many views as possible and is then time consuming.

  • Having to complete complicated paperwork
The paperwork involved in selling your house is vast and confusing.

  • Dealings with time wasters and demanding buyers

Estate Agents Positives

  • Experts in their field
Estate agents have the knowledge to value your house correctly based on size and location.

  • Take care of all viewings, paperwork and negotiations
Not only does it save you time, it is also stress free.

  • Have ties with advertising agencies
Estate agents know where the best places to advertise your home giving you maximum coverage.

Estate Agents Negatives

  • An estate agent fee
A proportion of the money your house makes will be kept by Estate Agents, meaning less money.

  • They will not be able to put 100% effort into selling your house
Estate agents have more houses to sell therefore your house will not be their priority.

Whatever method you choose to sell your house, just know that you can always change to the alternative if you feel it is not working out.

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