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Thursday, 5 July 2012

Information On Sliding Sash Windows

What is the definition of a sliding sash window?

Although the exact date of creation is not known slide sash windows have been used in England since the 1690’s. Sliding sash windows work by either raising the lower sash up or lowering the upper sash down. This window design can be found in many older homes and is found in all historical properties. The main material used to manufacture these windows is wood.

How do these windows work?

Because not every home is fitted with sliding sash windows when someone buys an older home or perhaps rents a flat with this window design it can be puzzling on how these windows work and the proper way to open and close them. By not operating these windows properly they can become damaged and broken.

The proper way to open this type of window equal pressure needs to be applied with both the left and right hand or the window can become “jammed” at a slanted position. To close them apply the same equal pressure with two hands and slowly lower the sash. Because wood swells in inclement weather such as rain there are times when the window can be difficult to open or close and can become stuck in that position. 

To maximise the efficiency of these windows and get the best air circulation within the home it is best to raise the bottom sash half way whilst lowering the top sash half way. Because hot air rises, the hot air within the home will leave through the top opening of the window whilst the cool air from outside is being drawn in through the bottom opening of the window.

Is there maintenance required for sliding sash windows?

These windows can become hard to open or close from the friction of the sashes rubbing constantly on the runners or inner casings. By rubbing beeswax on the inner casings or runners when the window is opened will make the sashes open and close with ease.

Besides washing the window panes occasionally the bars and window sashes will need to be repainted. Lead paint needs to be removed properly so led particles do not become air borne. Once the old paint is removed tape off the glass panes and use a thin brush to repaint the wooden surfaces and when dry just remove the tape.

Although these windows can be a bit drafty and rattle occasionally there are many products that can be purchased at a hardware or home improvement store such as felt liners or rubber gaskets that will make these windows energy efficient and correct the improper fit that is causing the rattling.

 Is it wise to use sliding sash windows?

Whether you are restoring a historical property or just upgrading your present home sliding sash windows give an authentic style to any property and can be brought up to a very energy efficient level or can be purchased new which already has been manufactured for the most efficiency possible.

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