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Tuesday, 3 July 2012

International Bankers Take Interest in Wimbledon Property

The recession hit hard for London’s housing market; however, there is a new life injected into South London’s Wimbledon community. After the long recession and decline of the housing market, buyers and renters are beginning to resurface. Investors and potential home buyers are once again looking and purchasing. New property developments are going up all over town. Real estate agents are pleased to see the change though they are proceeding with caution. They are getting almost full value for their properties and they will not take the chance to overprice at this time. 


Recent upward trend in property sales 


The refreshing spring quarter has generated much needed revenue for the town’s realtors. The property is moving and the standstill is over. Potential homebuyers and renters are feeling assured that investing in the Wimbledon area is a sound financial strategy. They are secure in their finances and assured the economy will continue to get better. 


The village culture 

The Village in Wimbledon offers the charm of the English countryside and is a wonderful getaway for city dwellers who are tired of the noise and pollution of the big city. Commuting daily is easy and on average buyers can purchase a home for £732,000. These homes are reasonably priced considered their prime location. Buyers can look forward to villas, town house, mansions and other properties. Other exclusive properties close to the tennis courts can sell for up to £3 million.


The International tennis championships

Of course no one would neglect the wonderful tennis matches as an event to look forward to. The yearly events attract visitors from all over the world and generate healthy revenue. Tennis also brings in additional revenue as there is a need for lodgings for the visitors and players close to the tournament location. Investors can rest assured that they will enjoy a decent intake of around £15,000 by renting out their properties during this time frame. 

In case visitors don’t get the village properties fast enough, there are of course rentals in the town of Wimbledon as well. Visitors can get suitable weekly accommodations for under £2,560.

The tennis culture is important to the survival of the town and the revenues generated at this time are crucial for growth and upkeep. However, life goes on after the championships. The town of Wimbledon has much to offer families with children, from the fine schools, individual homes, and laid-back atmosphere. The extra advantage of cultural activities, shopping, restaurants and dancing is also appealing for the younger crowd. 

There are homes to fit every lifestyle in the village and town of Wimbledon. Older families love the old world charm of some of these homes. While newly erected properties appeal to the younger families. The homes range from compact to spacious and apartments are available for lower income families as well. 

The posh Wimbledon village section of the town has attracted the interest of many international banking financiers who see the merits of living in the hub of the tennis phenomenon and still enjoy the old world English charm.

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