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Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Rental Properties for Tenants and Commercial Establishments in Covent Garden

Renters and property owners looking for a fantastic location to live, work, or collect rental income can do well to consider the Covent Garden community in London. The area is renowned for its live entertainment, street performers, restaurant, opera house and the glass roofed market which is visited by millions of people annually. Though you might think this location would be pricey, its properties are similar in value to Soho. They advantage is that property owners and residents will enjoy the benefits of the posh Mayfair area without having to pay the higher rates. 

Seven Dials is not just a shoppers delight within the Covent Garden district of London, it is a thriving sub district that is easily assessable by taxi, tube, plane, and train. Tourists and residents enjoy the trendy shops and night life afforded the area. Business owners reap the benefits of having a location which will generate healthy revenue yearly. The area is flooded with millions of tourists each year. Properties and flats are still available for the city dweller or entrepreneur. 

Within the West End London District of Convent Garden you will find the area where seven streets meet. The original road design was to maximize the amount of structures that could be fitted in this area. In the centre of the designed lies the Seven Dials Sundial. The six faced sundial represents the original six road plan. The column could be considered the seventh road. The original structure was taken down and moved to another part of the city called Weybridge on the Green. It was purchased in honour of the Prussian Princess Frederica Charlotte in 1773.

Even though the center where the roads emerge is actually Seven Dials, residents refer to the entire area as Seven Dials. The property is highlysought after since the entire area is just a short walk. The choice offerings should not be passed up considering what you get for your money between Shaftesbury Avenue, Shelton Street, West Street and Endell Street. 

This shopping village boasts several top-notch eateries, bars and elegant boutiques. The area is a major income source for retailers. Though business people may not shop during business hours they can sell their wares to millions of visitors each year.

Businesspeople often entertain local or international clients. These clients will be basking in the British culture when they come to Seven Dials and Convent Garden. A favourite eatery shared by several business people is the one of the exquisite French restaurants. Clients will enjoy an evening out at the theatre or Royal Opera.

The Seven Dials locale is easily assessable by all transport services. Clients are not obliged to spend extra money on taxis if they would rather take the scenic bus route. They can also choose the train and the tube, or the express service from Heathrow Airport.

Clients are in for a great surprise when they come in time for Queen Elizabeth’s diamond jubilee. Everyone from ice cream vendors to grand hotels will be offering their specialities for the occasion. Special entertainment has been planned for this historic occasion as well.

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