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Wednesday, 22 August 2012

London Landmarks to be Made into International Offices

Several famous landmarks in London will be made into offices for international companies during the 2012 Olympic Games. While all eyes are on the sporting events taking place, powerful business leaders from all over the world will be making negotiations throughout the city at historic locations.

This effort has been named the British Business Embassy by the Prime Minister, and it is the biggest and most ambitious attempt to attract business to the United Kingdom and stimulate its economy. Prime Minister David Cameron will be joined by several high-profile government officials and British business owners during the Games for the British Business Embassy’s first major event, the Global Business Conference.

The Global Investment Conference will feature presentations and speeches from these representatives of the British government and British businesses. The aim is promotion of the United Kingdom to these international businesses during the Olympic Games.

The 2012 Olympic Games will provide a fantastic opportunity for the United Kingdom to show that it is open to businesses from around the world, while all are watching the sport, as well as to create new jobs and stimulate the country’s economy.

Ms. Lagarde, Sir Mervyn and Mr. Draghi will be speakers at the Thursday summit. Other presenters include representatives from such notable companies as Google, Glaxo Smith Kline, Apple and ARM.The British government will also present data showing that over 122,000 jobs have been created thanks to inward investment, and that China has been one of the largest sources of investment in the country.

After the conference, there will be a fabulous reception hosted by the Prince of Wales at Clarence House, the embassy based at Lancaster House nearby St. James’s Place and Green Park. Clarence House has been transformed into a lavish showcase for some of the most powerful British businesses, and the reception itself will feature some of the most influential figures in finance. It has been estimated that the creation of British Business Embassy could provide a boost to the British economy of well over £1bn.

The British Business Embassy has been compared by experts to the Great Exhibition which was held in 1851 at the Crystal Palace. In all, there will be 17 summits held during the Olympic Games and the Paralympics, the goal of which will be to ensure that the economic boost brought by the Games will have a long-term effect on the country’s economy.

The international business leaders who will be visiting during the conference will be able to meet at Lancaster House for negotiations and to promote their products and services. This could generate as much as £1bn worth of new business opportunities for all involved.

There is stiff competition for the other prime spaces in London. Other countries such as Brazil, Russia and Holland have booked locations as new and lucrative sources of investment. Somerset House will be Casa Brazil during the course of the 2012 Olympic Games, and Alexandra Palace will be known as Holland Heinejen House.

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