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Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Sash windows and double glazing

Box Sash windows

When individuals think of box sash windows they remember the traditional style wood windows that were classic and often reminded them of Edwardian, Georgian, and Victorian homes in the UK.

UPVC Materials

Weather and years of poor maintenance has left these sash windows in poor repair. Individuals do not respect these windows as they use to. Their reputation for quality is far less than the conventional style UPVC windows that are in existence and have been since 1960.

Popularity Explosion

Some wish to go back to the original sash windows but this means that they will need double-glazing and improvements made to the windows. These individuals are searching for the original sash look because it was classic. The new materials and designs that are present in today’s windows are a reinvention of the older style just better.

A Sash window

Wood windows with one or more moving panels that open vertically with a sliding motion are sash windows. In the United States, these windows are the same as hung sash windows. The wood frame surrounding the panes of glass gives the homeowner the ability to open the windows by sliding them vertically.

How to open

The sash window will open at the top and bottom. This is done through a sash cord or chain that runs over a pulley on the top of the frame. A heavy weight that is hidden in the frame itself balances the glazed panels. To open the panes, the weight will cause the windowpanes to be stationary when the cord or chain is pulled.

How to clean

The original sash window construction was a soft wood that had problems when water got on them. Now with the double frame panes that are glazed, the window is stronger and will withstand cleaning to all glass surfaces. By opening the panels in different directions, sliding the panels makes them easier to clean.

Sash windows with Modern influences

Older sash windows may wear out and need replacing. Some choose to replace with newer examples constructed from UPVC material. Many search for older windows to repair. The wood versions are being double-glazed to place back in the windows for sentimental value. Yes, the market has been searching for the retro fit of the replacement to the old windows.

Unbreakable chains and cords

The newer sash style windows are stronger because the chains or cords now produced with fitting holder beads with integral excluders that are included in the key and operational standard lock features.

These double glazed newer windows are meeting the building and planning codes. The double pane has Argon gas between the panes. It is clear so that the environmentally friendly material does not obstruct viewing. They continue to offer the same traditional style as years ago.

The new double-glazing adds a great look as well as insulation to the windows in the home. This double-glazing is now available and standard in both the wood versions that are new and the modern versions that are now available. Being practical is easy and your property has an enhanced beauty with either.

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