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Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Updating Sash Windows

Many of the homes built in the UK before and during the Victorian Period are still extant along with the beautifully old sash windows. These windows can't be replaced by modern double hung windows that are heat efficient because of legal restrictions imposed on historical property. However, you can still find the method of getting all of the heat efficient savings of modern double glazed windows and still keep historical sash windows.

Modern double hung windows are built to specifications. A professional craftsman will know how to make adjustments to your old sash windows that will make then equal to the specifications called for in new heat efficient windows while allowing you to have all the pleasure of the beautiful historical sash windows.

He would start by taking out the glass from the box that it is resting in and removing wood that looks or feels corrupt. New wood would be cut to fit the space left by the removal of the old wood.

His next step would be to decide if the sash box needs new cords. The good news is that new cords can be put in to old sash boxes and new beading added to make the glass sit firm in its railings. This process will also make the updated sash window more heat efficient.

The professional sash window restorer could also add another layer of glazing from inside the house. That would keep the outside appearance of the sash windows historically correct while adding a second layer of heat efficiency from within the house. The windows would look more modern on the inside. This type of additional glazing comes in put in or slide in units.

You might not want to use a professional sash window restorer – you could do the work as a home remodelling project yourself. The work will need to be thoughtfully planned as it is not easy to restore and also update sash windows, but it can be done in steps.

You will, obviously, need a tool box. Use the sander from your tool box to rub out all wood that is old and splintered. You can buy filler to put into the holes left by the sanding and re sand your sash box.

Once you have prepared the wood on your sash box, paint it with a wood paint primer followed by a wood preservative. Add metal handles and locks if the old ones are missing or broken. All of these products can be bought at a DIY store.

You can even replace broken cords in your sash windows. Simply take out the beading found under the sash and remove the broken cord by cutting it out. Replace the cord with new cord using the weights found in the old cords. The new cords can be put through the edge of the sash and retied to the weights. Make sure the new cords are all the same length before putting the sash back together again and adding the beading that was removed.

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