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Monday, 10 April 2017

Wimbledon Common

South London holds one of the largest green spaces around. The peaceful and tranquil Commons that are amidst the sprawls of Wimbledon, Putney, and Kingston upon Thames are located in South-West London area. Comprised of 460 hectares, which equals 1,140 acres, Putney Lower Common, Wimbledon Common, and Putney Heath are between the green areas.

Putney Lower Common is the only part of the Commons separated by 1.5miles of land because of the Special Area of Conservation, and the Site of Special Scientific Interest. Between Putney Lower Common and the rest of the commons there are around 360 hectares (900 acres) of land.

The Commons include areas of mown recreation areas, scrubland, woodlands, and heathland. The lands are home to nine ponds, a vast assortment of birds, plant life, and animal habitat. The Commons is an unfenced area so the area is open 24 hours a day throughout the given year. There are approximately 10,000 visitors and users who come to the Commons on any given weekend that weather permits.

Within the Commons is an 18-hole golf course that two clubs use for their enjoyment. What’s more, the Commons include 16 miles of horse riding areas, cricket pitches, and the Richardson Evans Memorial Playing Fields that covers 20 hectares or 48 acres. These playing fields provide soccer and rugby pitches for the winter months and facilities for athletics during the summer months for those who are sporty. Included on the grounds is a pavilion that contains toilets, showers, and 16 changing rooms.

Since April 1, 1991, a levy has financed the Commons. The levy is part of Boroughs from Kingston, Wandsworth, and Merton. This levy is a fraction of the Council Tax that is significant to how many properties are in each of the Boroughs that surrounds the Commons by ¾ miles or in the dated Parish of Putney.

Patrolled from dusk to dawn by foot keepers and mounted police, the Commons Ranger’s Office and the Duty Officer are in constant radio contact with each other. The Maintenance staff routinely maintains the land and buildings that make up the Commons. The buildings that comprise the Commons are a CafĂ©, the Pavilion, 16 staff cottages, Stables, Maintenance Centre, Information Centre, the Ranger’s Office, and the museum, which was once a Windmill.

Wimbledon Common was the home of the Wombles. Providing a relaxing and quiet day out, the woodlands, the lake, the windmill, and the tearoom make up parts of the Common. For the more active spectators, Wimbledon Park provides playing fields, tennis courts, mini golf, and water sports. In the crowded summer months, Britain’s own Wimbledon has a great many parks, and gorgeous, lush, green, open areas to walk around the Commons.

If needed, you can find any type of accommodation imaginable within the confines of Wimbledon. Even in the economic climate that has hit London, the housing market remains steady. The village includes custom built mansions and penthouses, while South Wimbledon is home to housing estates, maisonettes, and tower blocks. Wimbledon is one of the nicest areas of London with these large, luxurious, green spaces available.

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