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Saturday, 13 October 2012

Fitzrovia, London's Creative Centre

Fitzrovia is a bohemian town that lies in central London between, and partially in, Westminster and Camden. Its name is thought to come in part from the Baron Charles Fitzroy of Southampton who developed part of the Fitzrovian land.

William Blake, the famous poet, once had a home in Fitzroy Square. It was later that a gang of arists, actors and writers christened the name of Fitzrovia. Among this group were Augustus John, Dylan Thomas, Victor Passmore and Virginia Woolf who would meet each other at the Fitzroy Tavern during the 1920s. Fitzrovia began its growth into a popular media hub soon after the 1930s when the BBC established their broadcasting house. George Orwell spent some time broadcasting throughout World War Two for the BBC from the well known Oxford Street that lays south of Fitzrovia. Fitzrovia also falls between Euston Road, Portland Place and Gower Street.

The town's bohemian atmosphere compliments its small yet charming streets and interesting array of small, quirky shops dotted between bigger brand names. It is now a home to many large companies present in the UK's internet, film and advertising industries. This area is becoming gradually more residential as the drab office buildings are transformed into new combined residential and work developments.

Bloomsbury is at the east side of Fitzrovia, overlapping the town in some areas. It is adorned with beautiful terraces that frame garden squares, still present from the early Victorian as well as Georgian eras. Most of these structures are open to the general public. Bloomsbury is unique in that it allows residents to fulfil their lives in one area, providing an experience similar to that of European cities but in the heart of London.

Bloomsbury also boasts the infamous hospital of Great Ormond Street, surrounded by large Georgian houses. the popular Brunswick Center includes a recently renovated high street that is rich with new restuarants and busy shops. The universities in the area bring students that are attracted to the inherent bohemian atmosphere of the neighbourhoods. Bloomsbury has been known to draw many creative types.

Knowing Fitzrovia

The beautiful Georgian houses and large mansion flats lie mainly between Gower and Tottenham Court whilst Russel Square contains many converted buildings of red brick and flats above local shops.

John Adams, the designer of Fitzroy Square, lays claim to the best road in this town, whilst Bloomsbury's popular roads are John and Doughty Streets.

Fitzrovia attracts diversity and people from all over including families looking to find a new home or supporting students attending the universities. Investors and media professionals are known to reside in the area. Gillian Anderson calls the town home with Ian McEwan living in the Fitzroy Square. It is said that Guy Ritchie owns a property in this town. Bloomsbury often provides a home for many of the judges and barristers working in the High Court. Both towns have an attraction for actors and writers and artists alike.

The people living in these towns are most often reluctant to relocate. The one obstacle that families may face is the cost of housing.

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