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Saturday, 13 October 2012

London Tourist Attractions With Crittall Windows

Crittall windows came to be so well-known, that the phrase is often used to mean any windows with steel frames. Nowadays, reinforced aluminium is the most popular material used for the construction of frames in the substitute Crittall windows.

Original Crittall windows, as well as their upgrades, remain quite popular, especially after their model was redesigned. Many distinguished constructions in London display them proudly. To renovate the remarkable Tooting Library, engineers used multiple Crittall windows made of steel. Over lb3 million were needed for this project, which took two years and was finished at the start of the current year. However, the success was stunning.

The mayor of Wandsworth sponsored the library, which was constructed in 1902, in an original Edwardian style. This days, over 500 000 tourists come to admire it annually. However, this building required serious repairs, both inside and outside. Designers from the NPS London Ltd presented an architectonic project, intended to renovate the structure, as well as bring it up to the up-to-date energy conservation standards.

Many old windows with steel frames had to be supplanted with new Crittall windows. These sleek, tasteful profiles offer firmness and safety, while maintaining the original looks of the seasoned building. The goal of the project was to protect the unique design, retaining many original details, such as the leaden lights, decorated with floral patterns, constructed in a secession style. These were attached to a portion of the windows over the grounds, enhancing a visibility in the darkness.

The Soho hotel began its business in 2004, quickly gaining a popularity. As placed betwixt the Dean and Wardour Street, it was expected to fit into its environment, displaying elements of a traditional design, specific to the architectonic style of the nearby buildings. An unique image of the building was enhanced by the fresh Crittall windows, framed with steel.

The Old Pump House, built in the city on the Hopper Street, is recognized as a Grade II building. So, the City North PLC designers noticed an issue, when they acquired the place. Damaged steel frames could be switched only for the matching elements. A plan was redrawn with the new Crittall windows, which matched the concept very well. This days, the famous point keeps the thermal efficiency standards, even as it maintains the splendid impression similar to the old structure.

The fashion house of the Burberry Group, designed as the headquarters, is placed in the Westminster, the key area in London. The company wanted to save the unique image of this eight store building from the 1930s, as it was timeless and beautiful. The construction with its Crittall windows retained the original looks, inspiring the countless observers.

The Portland Stone and traditional Crittall windows bring attention to the renovated office on 95 Gresham Street, in East Central London. Windows framed with metal, placed on the smooth stone walls, look quite contemporary. The building maintains an unique look, while complementing its surroundings. The final result seems unbelievable, so the landmark remains a popular spot in London.

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