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Friday, 21 December 2012

Make Your Way to SW20

A green hub in Merton, UK, The South West 20 (SW20) postcode district, is home of West Wimbledon inclusive of Raynes Park, Lower Morden, Wimbledon Chase and Merton Park. Near the recreational Cottenham Park and Cannon Hill Common, the area is surrounded by superb fresh air and a spectacular environment. Convenient, well serviced and easy to access, you will be able to make your way to Wimbledon shopping centre and Wimbledon village easily.

There is a wide variety of properties to let at SW20 tailored to meet different individual preferences. You will find modern flats as well as older period properties there. The variety of houses and flats means that it is easy to find a home for young professionals as well as families.

Schools in the SW20 region are state schools and independent and have great sports grounds. It is a nice quiet area for a school.

Getting there and finding your way out to other parts of the country such as Central London, Kingston, East Croydon and Epsom are easy and fast. These are various communication links that serves the area such as underground tubes, over ground trains and bus tram lines. This enhances commuting to the central business district and many other places of interest from SW20.

The larger Merton Area boasts of Wimbledon as the best woodland in the area, owing to its vastness and unique occupancy.

Wimbledon Common, home of the Wombles is quite popular with fungi hunters such as these adorable rubbish managers who were made popular by the famous BBC children's TV show in the 70s. Wimbledon beauty is enhanced by the green woodland that covers the area; also it has its own windmill and golf club.

If you are craving for calm environment far from the city hustle and bustle, then Wimbledon Common is ideal for you. The vast space of heath and woodland crisscrossed by roaming paths and bridleways is naturally spectacular. The vast 1130 acres, land has been set aside for environment conservation interests. Visiting Wimbledon, will give you adequate exposure to spectacular nature against the backdrop of well grounded and mature woods. The area is well known for the stag beetles that are on the common.

The place has affluent history; this is the place the famous scouting master Lord Baden Powell spent time writing one of the books currently used within the scouting movement across the world "the scouting for boys". The beauty of the place was enhanced when the sails were restored and a host of other windmills put up. The result of the landmarks improvement was an outstanding attraction sight.

Old pubs spread along the edge of the common are available for trying out. While at Wimbledon Common, you can enjoy peaceful and tranquil moments with nature like no other place. Being, a place with antique facilities, excellent communication channels and classic entertainment zones, Wimbledon remains one of the best places to live in this part of the United Kingdom.

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