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Saturday, 12 January 2013

An Overview of Brondesbury and Surrounding areas

The ancient years

In the medieval times, Willesden part of Kilburn together with Mapesbury and Brondesbury were part of St. Paul's Cathedral. Mapsbury is situated north of Mapes lane and south of Brandesbury, which currently are known as later Willesden and brand's manor respectively.

Gentrified suburbs

The area had been a rural area for a long time in history, but it was not until 1847 in Brondesbury that some houses were built. Being a hilly area, Brondbury region was suitable for quality housing. The new Willesden suburban development began in 1860, for example the wider villas in Brondsbury. Most of these buildings were used as hostels to serve refugees from Belgian during the World War I.

Mill of Mapesbury

Even though this mill was destroyed by fire in 1963, it stood as pillar in Mapesbury. It was from this fire incident that made the residents of Kilburn to form the first volunteer fire services. Later in 1986, Christchurch parish was founded as most modern parish in Brondsbury within the original Willesden parish.

The 20th century

Shortly after 1901 the metropolitan railway to the north paves way for the building of houses. You will realise that there was a depression of housing market in the beginning of the 20th century which led to no building in the western region of Brondesbury until 1934. However, Mapsbury house located in southern part of the metropolitan region, survived until 1924. That is why Mapesbury was built later than Brondesbury.

Trellick Tower

Regardless of how much you may love it or hate it, Trellick is the much talked about landmark in Golbone road. The tower being a grade II, it is protected from any wrecking ball. Although Trellick is the main example of brutalist architectures embraced in 1960s, it has experienced every social dilemma that can be associated with any tall concrete blocks. Despite all the dilemmas, Trellick Tower still stand tall today.


The designer or buildings is Erno Goldfinger, the architect. You might have heard this name from a Bond movie because the author, Ian Fleming used the architect to name a character. Goldfinger didn't like this. However much Ian Fleming painted him, Goldfinger made significant impact on land landscaping. For example, he designed the former Alexander Fleming house currently known as metro central heights at castle and elephant, and Balfron tower in hamlets and lastly used the design to improve the Trellick Tower.

Modernist home

This modernist home is located at 2 willow road in Hampstead is owned by national trust and is only open to the public on particular days. Goldfinger designed it for himself and his family.

The Tricycle Theatre

The theatre is located in Kilburn. It specializes on current political themes. The tricycle theatre was formed in 1987 and became known as pioneer verbatim theatre. It was destroyed by fire and got rebuilt in 1987. Currently, the theatre has 230 seat, small theatre, cinema, and workshop room. Additionally, it has art gallery and caf'e-bar on site.

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