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Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Layout tips to enhance web page usability for architects

For improved usability as well as readability, a great architect's business should cautiously think about its website's layout. In case your visitors are uncomfortable with your overall site design, they will move away from your site. Following are handy tips to maximize the readability and usability of your site.

The most important web page on the architect's website is the home page. A major portion of your site's new visitors enter your site through the home page. Hence, you must give utmost priority to the home page to ascertain that it leaves a lasting impression in the minds of visitors. If you do not succeed in attaining this, your visitors will move away from your website.

Extra noise

Engineers with blocks
It is a human nature to single out one interesting item from the heap of commotion and noise. However, it certainly demands persistent efforts. Internet surfing must not require much effort; hence, make sure to minimize your web pages' noise. Below are useful tips about minimizing your WebPages noise and enhancing your site's readability and usability.

Split content smartly

Use appealing headings and sub headings to split up content on the web pages of your architect site. Breakup areas on your web pages using background color bars. Remove a piece of text or graphic, if removing it does not affect the usability of your site's visitors. Do not capitalize all words of a long sentence. Instead capitalize certain important words.


Things that move on WebPages tend to be ignored by visitors. People believe that moving graphics or content are advertisements. So, avoid using moving text or graphics on your web pages unless, you intend to have adverts on your site.


Chunking is splitting up long pieces of content into small content pieces. Many visitors feel boredom when they see a big block of content. In order to avoid this, break long pieces of information in to smaller ones for better usability. The use of bulleted list is one of the best ideas to break longer sentences or paragraphs in to smaller ones.

Display resolution

Be sure that your complete website is easily viewable on a screen with a resolution of 1024*768 pixels. Many website designers have found from their site's log files that more than 80 percentages of their users set the screen resolution to 1280*1024 pixels. Hence, they set the table width to use the complete width of the web page. However, they fail to take into account that millions of users employ popular utilities like Alexa" search as well as the search and the related function found on the internet browser.


Scrolling usually occupies about 20 percent of browser window on its left side; this in turn minimizes the main browser window which displays the web page to about 1000 pixels. It is a bit less when compared with the scroll bar on the right side.

Hence, web pages that utilize fixed table widths occupy more space than main browser's window width, which hides the right side of the website page. In order to see the page, visitors have to scroll pages horizontally, which annoys them.

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