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Friday, 1 February 2013

Visiting The West End of London

Many topics come to mind when referring to London and the West End. Fashionable shops, beautiful palaces, expensive town-houses etc... Also, the world of entertainment is at it's best there. One can't visit the capital without having breathed the unique atmosphere of West End.

Leicester Square and its surroundings are known as London's entertainment district. Alongside Covent Garden, this is where the fun is at. Those who are keen on shopping will head towards Regent Street, Oxford Street or Bond Street. For some West End refers to the whole area west of the old City of London.

One can find London's finest hotels in the West End district. Famous ones are the St Martins' Lane Hotel, The Langham, The Trafalgar Hotel or the Charing Cross Hotel. And, last but not least, the Mountbatten and The Hampshire.

Yet another must-see of the capital's West End is the local theatre scene. In the around 40 theatres of the district, there are many classics and great musical or comedy plays to choose from. The current features range from The Mousetrap, The Woman in Black or War Horse to musicals like the Phantom of the Opera, Wicked, Les Miserables or Billy Elliot. London's theatres in the West End district can compare without shame to the most famous places in the whole world. When looking for equivalents in England's capital, Broadway's commercial theatres come in mind.

Exploring the West End of the English Capital doesn't limit itself to the big-name fashion addresses like Ralph Lauren, Hamleys or the Apple Store, which can be found in the world-class shopping area around Oxford, Regent and Bond Street. The more adventurous will want to check out the smaller, less-renowned shopping opportunities Carnaby St, St Christopher's Place and St Martin's Courtyard have to offer.

Whether you want to make new experiences or enjoy a meal in the evening, the West End of London has something to offer you. The wide choice of excellent bars or places to dine will make the explorer's efforts worthwhile. Why not round up a great day in London with an outstanding taste experience in the West End?

Whether you are looking for a diner in Regent Street or near Carnaby, or want to try Covent Garden, the St Martin's Courtyard and Opera Quarter, the West End has much to offer. While the first are renowned for Jamie's Italian restaurant or the Opera Tavern with its great tapas, the latter can offer Japanese tastes at the Aqua Kyoto, or new taste experiences at Polpo's.

The West End has many trendy locations to offer all night long. Be it for a late drink or for the dancefloor, the city never sleeps. Keep the Albannach or the Dirty Martini in mind. Dancers will head for the Cafe de Paris, for example.

During the Christmas season, the capital is festively decorated. The West End makes no exception, and the New Year's Parade in the streets of the district are a must-see. However, during the summer, don't miss out on the West End Live musical theatre showcase. Car traffic in the streets is banned on many of these occasions.

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