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Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Commercial Property in Central London

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The heart of London is home to many different business from a variety of industries. It's a great place to work as there are some many beautiful old buildings and busy streets.

John Adams designed a wonderful area in Fitzrovia called Fitzroy Square; an amazing location to live. If you base your business in this area, you can enjoy the feeling of living in a small European-like community. Everything is convenient and within a few blocks. You do not even need a car since you can walk to work, to different stores, or to your choice of restaurants, if you so choose. This area is its own unique place

Fitzrovia is located near Oxford Street and Euston Road, on the west side of Portland Place. Fitzrovia is mostly made up of small streets that have many specialty shops, aside from the busy Tottenham Court Road or the grand Fitzroy Square.

This area is known as the hub of the UK's film and advertising industry, as well as many internet corporations. Many people are deciding to move to this area and boring buildings are being turned into a mixture of workplace and residential buildings.

Bloomsbury also has a lot to offer, set just to the east of Fitzrovia. You can enjoy some beautiful Georgian terraces surrounding beautiful garden squares. There are many interesting places to visit in this area such as the British Museum and you can find one of the world's top schools here too. There are landmarks such as the BT Tower. You can also have fun looking at the amazing houses that this area offers. There are many newly renovated shops and delicious places to eat here too.

You can enjoy a bohemian atmosphere thanks to the universities in this area. You may have heard of the writer Virginia Woolf or her sister, the artist, Vanessa Bell. Both resided in this area along with many other famous people.

The houses in these areas are large mansions and Georgian homes such as those near Gower Street are available to rent, alongside smaller flats and apartments..

This area is perfect for: everyone. Investors and families wanting to move close to the universities both stay here. Judges reside here too. Artists and writers enjoy living here, as do writers. Ian McEwan is a resident of Fitzroy Square and Guy Ritchie has lived in this area too, along with Gillian Anderson. Even Lady Gaga is rumoured to be buying here!

Fitzrovia is in the postcode area W1 whilst Bloomsbury is in WC1. Most of the garden squares in the area are open to the public in nearby Bloomsbury. There are also playgrounds like Coram's Fields and parks such as Regent's Park.

Attractions: Enjoy swimming at the Oasis located on Endell Street or go to the Renoir Cinema to watch a film. There is a multiplex you can visit on Tottenham Court Road and the West End theatres are close by.

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