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Sunday, 1 September 2013

Lettings in Central London

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Property to let in London is not too difficult to find but there are a few points you need to think about before signing on that dotted line. Rentals can be anything from six months upwards, plus they can offer a lot depending on your funds and specification. Before making a firm decision, read the points we've put together to give you a helping hand.


Short term lets in London are often used by companies as an alternative to hotels as they offer home comforts and space to yourself that can be difficult to find in large chains. Pimlico, Victoria and Belgravia are areas where you might find such properties. They are kept to a high standard, just as a hotel, but allow visitors to the city their own front door and a more relaxed atmosphere.

Holiday lets

For a holiday many people decide upon short term accommodation for the same reasons as a large company would. Their home-from-home qualities give tenants access to amenities like a kitchen complete with crockery and a preparation area meaning all the renter needs do is buy the food. It is also not rare for a short term letting apartment to cost up to 30% less than a hotel room of similar criteria, so it can be a better budget substitute. The vast flexibility is also great as the tenant frequently has the option to lengthen their tenancy at the landlord's discretion.

What do you need?

Before deciding upon rental accommodation it is necessary to work out exactly what you need from the property. Will you be mostly out at work or home during the day? If you are staying there for a longer amount of time you will want there to be space to unwind, eat, cook and possibly even work on a project. Think about how many rooms you need - are you there to chill out, work or do you simply need somewhere to crash?

Financial limit

Prices lettings in London, can be extremely varied. Before even starting your search it is sensible to work out how much you have to spend, and stick to it. It is easy to get persuaded into spending a bit extra when you see new exciting perks to living in particular areas but make sure you have worked out a maximum you have the funds for.

Your location

The capital is a big place with many different districts presenting diverse cultures and opportunities. If you're not familiar with the capital spend some time reading online articles and blogs to find out what community perception is of each area.

Business or pleasure

Business trips tend to focus around the East Central postcode where as people who visit London for leisure time may wish to reside in a more in central West London. If you can, find some time to have a walk around before you decide on a location.


Every rental will be different but it some may include interne and kitchen good like fridges. There may also be a charge for maintenance of the building.
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