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Tuesday, 24 December 2013

What's The Attraction of Northwest London?

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Wembley is an area in Northwest London well known for its strong football heritage. Both the 1934 Wembley Arena, and the 2007 Wembley Stadium reside in this district. The aged Wembley Arena has undergone a lb35 million upgrade, completed in 2006, to make it fit for purpose once more.

The Stadium

Built on the site of the legendary 'Twin Towers' Wembley Stadium, the new stadium is the second largest in Europe with a capacity of 90,000. Football enthusiasts will have no trouble recalling Wembley Stadium, England's national stadium and home of the higher tier FA Cup games.

Cricklewood Area

Driving through this pretty Victorian residential area of London doesn't give you the full story about this mini Hollywood. Cricklewood was made famous by the Cricklewood Studios operating in the 1930s, of which comedian Eric Morecambe stated "life's not Hollywood, it's Cricklewood!".

Hampstead Area

This London district is famous for the 790 acre heath contained within its boundaries. Hampstead heath is a wildlife sanctuary in the middle of a splurging city, as well as an area for relaxing activities such as observing the native wildlife, and taking a swim in one of the natural or manmade outdoor pools.

Little Venice Area

At the point where Regent's Canal joins the Grand Union sits Little Venice, a beautiful slice of waterfront paradise nestled in the suburbs of London. A floating puppet barge graces the canal, along with several waterfront caf'es, restaurants, and the headquarters of the London Waterbus company. Taking a stroll along the canal is a great way to spend an evening while you soak in the beautiful surroundings offered by Little Venice.

Maida Vale Area

BBC Studios Maida Vale, currently a site of a large amount of classical music recording, was responsible for many of the original John Peel (a Radio One DJ) recordings. Since its foundation in 1946 a host of celebrities have flocked to Maida Vale to occupy the Edwardian apartments and redbrick mansions found in the area, making it more affluent.

St. John's Wood Area

St. John's Wood is well known among local residents as an affluent area, within the city's exclusive NW8 district. There are a large number of expensive celebrity homes in this part of the city, along with the Abbey Road Studios and Lord's Cricket Grounds. Several famous artists such as The Beatles, Pink Floyd and Cliff Richard have recorded albums at the Studios.

The Abbey Road Studios

The famous Beatles album takes its name from Abbey Road, and image on the cover of the album was even taken on the crossing here. This is mimicked by thousands of tourists every year.

Willesden Area

This up and coming area of London houses a large contingent of Irish nationals, and is beginning to see an increase in house prices and a welcome influx of investment. The area has several interesting attributes: the Willesden Cycling Club is the largest in London and the award winning novel White Teeth written by Zadie Smith is set in this area.

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