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Wednesday, 16 July 2014

The life stages of a cardboard box; the unsung hero of your lifestory
A cardboard box. You don’t normally think about them, but they’re funny things. From big ones, to long ones and little ones, they are an everyday item no one ever thinks about. Normally, they are filled with all of your stuff and bunged under the stairs or at the back of the wardrobe, poor things. 
And yet, cardboard boxes have been with us throughout our lives. From when we were wee toddlers right up through our adult lives, which got me thinking about the life stages of a cardboard box.  

Toddler – Do you remember being a child and being given a substantial present? Maybe it was a bike or doll’s house. It probably came in a big cardboard box. You probably were excited and marvelled at your new gift or toy. But then your imagination took over… look at that amazing cardboard box; it could be a space rocket or a den! You played with that cardboard box for hours and hours while your bemused parents looked on. 

Student – It was your moment of freedom, your chance to finally leave your home town for good and move onto pastures new. University beckoned, and with it all the chances, opportunities and breaks which were going to shape your career, and ultimately, your future. Suddenly you needed a whisk, double bed set and toaster (along with some other necessary stuff like books). A trip to Ikea was imminent and with it came the cardboard boxes. Filling those cardboard boxes with all your worldly goods and possessions, you carried them into your fresher halls with absolute pride.
First home – Probably the scariest purchase of your entire life, buying your first home is one of the most agonising decisions you will have to make. But once you have signed the contracts, shaken hands with your solicitor and been handed the keys, the feeling of elation is second to none. Having lived in rented accommodation all your life, this was finally your chance to put your personal touch on a building. Everything you shoved in the attic from university is brought down in its cardboard boxes and sorted through, ready to have its fate decided; whether it would make the cut or not and find its way into your new home. 

Family home – You’ve committed to a spouse, children and, probably, a sensible family car. Now it’s time to commit to a family home. You’ve been living in your little first home for a while and now you are bursting at the seams. You’ve purchased a bigger house, one with a garden for the kids and a garage for your new estate car. You pack all of your worldly goods in back into your cardboard boxes and transport them to your new home, ready to be unloaded and placed around your new family home for years to come. 

Retirement – The kids have finally grown up and you find yourself with more and more time on your hands. This new found time is a novelty. You’ve started collecting vintage train models and endless collection books of stamps. You’ve collected so many you’re not sure where to put them. Heading into the attic, you find your trusty cardboard boxes. You pull them down and carefully place your collectable items in them and place them back into the attic for safekeeping. Thank goodness for cardboard boxes you think as you climb down the ladder from the attic. 

Naomi Oliver has worked for Storagebase for 5 years both on the front line in store and in Head Office keeping the internet side of the business in check. She loves helping customers find they need far less space than they thought they did. When away from the office she enjoys horse riding and motor sport though not at the same time. 

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