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Thursday, 7 August 2014

Cleaning And Storing Gardening Tools

A gardener is lost without his tools. Gardening tools are absolutely essential for the work of every gardener and, for that reason, they have to be taken good care of in order to keep them functioning and prolong their lives. When maintained properly, gardening tools can live a long and happy life, helping their owners turn their work into a piece of art. Respectively, when not taken good care of, gardening tools can turn the whole process into a mess. That's why it is the obligation of every gardener to provide their gardening tools with the needed care and make sure they are clean and functional. Here are some tips and suggestions on how to clean your gardening tools and store them in the most appropriate location, so that you can enjoy them for many more years.

Regular Maintenance

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No matter if you are an experienced gardener, who does this for a living, or just an enthusiast, who has a green thumb and likes to experiment in the garden, it is very important to make sure that your tools are cleaned and maintained regularly. The most effective way to care for your gardening tools during the growing season, is to clean them up after each use. Cleaning them can be done in several ways – to wash them with the hose, so that most of the dirt can go away, or to  clean them with a brush. Another handy solution is to place a pile of sand in your garden and saturate it with oil. Use the pile to plunge the sharp edges of your gardening tools there. Doing this on a regular basis will not only help you sharpen your tools but also keep them cleaner and coated with oil. The frequency of cleaning your tools depends entirely on how often they are being used.



At the end of the season, when a gardener has to put their gardening tools away, it is necessary to get them in a good shape, so that they are ready to use in the next growing season. One of the essentials when it comes to storing of gardening tools, is to sharpen them, so that they are easier to use and more secure. Tools, such as loppers, shovels, scissors, shears and pruners have to be sharpened before stored. The best way to do this is to smear their edges with oil and then sharpen them with a whetstone.


Cleaning Before Storing

To clean up your gardening tools and make them ready to store for the winter, we suggest to start off by washing all of them together with the hose. In this way most of the dirt will be removed and it will be easier to clean them thoroughly. Use a brush with firm bristles to remove more stubborn dirt from metal parts. Another important thing to keep in mind is that the wooden parts of your gardening tools need to be cleaned well too. Wooden handles are the parts of the tools you are in most contact with, therefore do not forget to clean them. Use a sponge, dampened in a solution of equal parts water and special detergent for cleaning of wood. Let them dry complete and if necessary, use sandpaper to smooth areas on the handles that have gotten more rough.


Storing Of Gardening Tools

Once you have cleaned your gardening tools, it's time to make sure they are sharp enough. Then dub them with oil and place them in a dry storage location, making sure each of them sits in the right place. Keeping them organised will help you find them more easily next time you need to use them.
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