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Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Budget-friendly bathroom cleaning

Every cleaning is inevitably connected to some expenses, whether it is for detergents and various other disinfecting supplies or some other things. There is no doubt that the cleaning of the home is a responsible job and has to be executed just perfectly. If your budget is a little low this month and you want to save some money and provide your home with appropriate cleanness at the same time, we can offer you useful tips for the disinfection of one of the toughest places of your home – the bathroom.

The money saving tips Oven PrompCleaners will present to you in this article will convince you that the good and cheap sanitation is already possible even for heavily polluted premises like the bathroom. You've probably already heard about the green cleaning products and technologies which are becoming more and more popular each day and which the contemporary stores are offering for sale these days. They have considerably reasonable prices and will be effective enough to provide your bathroom with sparkling cleanness. If the price rates are still too high for your budget, then you can try and make similar cleaning solutions at home, using nothing more than ingredients from the cabinets of your kitchen. 
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Baking soda in the toilet and the drain 

As you know the toilet is the place which tends to detain most bacteria. You no longer have to endanger your health by pouring incredibly toxic detergents which are also quite expensive. A little baking soda will be enough to kill all germs from the corners of your toilet, if you leave it to dissolve in the bowl for a couple of minutes. You can repeat the process for unclogging your drain but after the baking soda you can also pour some vinegar for stronger effect. At the end wash everything several times with water.


White vinegar for the shower and the sink 

Usually the shower, and more specifically the shower head, is harder to clean. Instead of trying to scrub it with some expensive cleaning product which will leave a chemical residue, you can pour white vinegar in stronger plastic bag and tie it to the shower head. If you leave it like that until the morning, everything will be shining clean. The vinegar can be also put into use for the disinfection of the other parts of the device, like the taps for example, as well as for all mirrors.


Grapefruit for the tub 

If you also have a tub in your bathroom, one grapefruit will be more than enough to deeply disinfect its surface and remove all the collected grime. You can buy the fruit for almost nothing, while a specialized cleaning detergent from the store will cost you a lot more. Once you get the grapefruit, slice it in half and cover your whole bathtub with its juice. You can also add a little sea salt to the mix after which you can start scrubbing with the fruit itself or with a brush.


Special mix for the tiles 

When the main elements of your bathroom are thoroughly clean, you can move on to the last part of the premise – the tiles. For any mold build-ups, dark spots and overall grime you can prepare a special powerful substance of bakingsoda and a little castile soap which will deeply polish your tiles. You are free to add few drops of your favourite essential oil, if the smell is too unpleasant for you.

Here is how you can clean your whole bathroom without spending a fortune. Some of these budget-friendly methods you can also use for the disinfection of the other premises of your real estate property because they are absolutely safe and will preserve your domestic environment.
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