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Thursday, 6 April 2017

Home Cleaning Business – The First Steps

Have you ever wanted to start your own cleaning agency? Have you observed enough cleaning companies and decided that you can do the same or better and want to try? Sure, starting your own business may seem daunting at first – you have to quit a sure salary for something that might or might not prosper, but if you invest enough effort, skill, and dedication to the new endeavour, you might be surprised of the results it may bring you. So gather some confidence and take these first steps to a successful cleaning agency.

First of all, you need to get all the legal papers required. You need an Employer Identification Number to make your business legal, and you need insurance and bonding to have reassurance you can give to your clients. Ask for a copy of the insurance deal so that you can present any dubious customers with it and have them reassured you will not come into their house seeking to break or steal things. If you have one, ask a friend who has dabbled in the cleaning business and see what else you can and should get as a legal document – you do not want to miss anything out unless you want to be stripped from your license.

Now think about the agency’s body. If you want to start small with you being the only worker and working for yourself, start gearing up. You need the proper supplies for the job. Start hunting down shops that offer good quality mops, microfiber cloths, different sized brushes, vacuum cleaners, cleaning products, and every other tool a professional cleaner may need. Speaking of cleaning products, there will be a variety of customers with a variety of needs. There are many eco-conscious people nowadays that will not want you to clean their flat or house with the standard chemical-filled detergents that stores usually offer. Invest in some green cleaners as well – they might be more expensive, but that only means that your services will be more expensive too.

Now start thinking prices. Take your time to inspect your local cleaning services and see what prices they offer. Don’t copy their prices – you want to start with something more cheap at the beginning, and with the perfection of your services, slowly start increasing the prices. After setting the right cost for your services, time to think about advertising. Invest in a website to promote your services online, then go for ads in the paper, invest in making flyers, and even business cards. If you can afford it, hire somebody to distribute the flyers and make your company known in as a wider area as you can. Set up a phone line for your services, and you should not make it your personal phone, unless you really want to be hands-on with all customers.

With all that you took your first steps in home cleaning, and are set to take on your first challenge. Once the advertising strategy you have chosen proves fruitful, your phone will start ringing and your first customer will ask for your cleaning services. Do a good job and you can start thinking about expansions.
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