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Thursday, 2 February 2017

New-build homes are favoured by 70% of the public

According to recent research over half the general public favour new-build properties.

In a recent survey 70% respondents said that they loved the idea of moving into a property that’s considered to be a new build, while 30% would buy a new-build home if money wasn’t an issue.

Two-thirds out of 1,500 adults who took part in the survey believed that the biggest appeal of a new property is the ability to put your own stamp mark on it, by being able to personalise and decorate your home before moving in.

Additionally, 45% would automatically disregard any properties over 46 years old. It’s not just the unexpected costs associated with buying an older home, but also the fear of mysterious properties those that have died within the home, can put people off from buying an older property.

Meanwhile others (15%) would look at purchasing an older property as it has a lot to offer, characteristics and historical charm that new builds don’t currently offer.

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